Educational Materials

  • Created for this exhibition by Cass Fey, acclaimed education director of the landmark exhibition Girl Culture and former Director of Education at the Center for Creative Photography at the University of Arizona.
  • Created to help teachers and docents interpret the photographs and engage viewers.
  • Presented to complement study in many subject areas, including photography, design, media arts, popular culture, visual studies, creative writing, and poetry.
  • Printable CD of materials is included.
  • Artist will be available and has given exhibition talks to docents, general public, museum groups, college English classes as well as other students.

“Reality is a Good Likeness,” which was displayed at the UAMA in the fall of 2013, brought in many visitors who had never before been to our museum. Morgan graciously gave presentations to our docent group, many students, and to the public at large. Rather than giving a straight-forward lecture, Morgan guided visitors through the exhibition, immersing them in her work all the while maintaining a dialogue with the group. Her ability to explain her complex artistic process in a way that was comprehensible to diverse audiences was invaluable to the public’s understanding of the exhibition.

Olivia Miller, Curator of Exhibitions and Education, University of Arizona Museum of Art

Alligator Balls and Cotton Candy photo